60 years of focus on machine tool design and manufacturing

CNC lathe, also known as CNC lathe, is the largest domestic use, the most extensive coverage of a CNC machine tool. CNC lathe is a set of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technology as one of the electromechanical integration products. As a machine tool manufacturing history of more than 50 years of CNC lathe manufacturers, our CNC lathe products have hard rail CNC lathe, line rail CNC lathe, oblique bed CNC lathe, high precision CNC lathe, etc., welcome to inquire CNC lathe price.

The automatic processing units include truss manipulator automatic processing unit, joint manipulator automatic processing unit and in-machine automation unit. The automatic processing unit in the machine is a compound machine tool with semi-closed loop control function, which is composed of feeding mechanism, double headstock spindle machine tool and built-in manipulator.

Vertical machining center refers to the spindle axis and the table vertical set of machining center, can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads and other processes, mainly suitable for processing plate, plate, mold and small shell complex parts. Vertical machining center with more efficient processing speed, and automatic tool change function, is one of the most widely used metal cutting machine.

CNC milling machine is not a tool library machining center, can complete drilling, milling, boring, reaming, reaming automatic work cycle, positioning and repeated positioning precision, good reliability, suitable for mold and batch parts production and other industries for single, small batch or batch production. CNC milling machines produced by Jinxing machine pay special attention to rigidity, accuracy and accuracy retention, easy operation and maintainability.

Turning and milling compound machine tool, also known as turning and milling compound CNC machine tool, turning and milling compound CNC lathe, can achieve a card to complete all or most of the processing process, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. On the one hand, the production auxiliary time caused by the change of loading card is reduced, and the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of fixture and fixture are also reduced, which can significantly improve the production efficiency. It is no exaggeration to say that a lathe milling compound machine tool is equivalent to a production line!

Jinxing machine tool specializes in the automotive industry, research and development of turning and milling compound processing machine tools and special machine tools, especially for the new energy electric vehicle differential housing processing. The processing unit is composed of a special machine tool and two machining centers, which integrates multiple processes, improves efficiency and greatly reduces enterprise costs.

Multi-function machine tool also called multi-function lathe, belongs to multi-function compound machine tool, both ordinary lathe and drilling, milling machine function, can complete turning, drilling, milling, boring, tapping, turning thread and other processing. Multi-functional machine tools are widely used in various small enterprises and repair industries to process metal and other materials, but also for schools, hospitals, research institutions and families to make teaching AIDS, test devices and crafts.

Our factory research and development production of horizontal lathe strictly implement the national current latest precision standard elaborate design, suitable for turning inside and outside the cylinder, cone surface and other surface of revolution, turning the various metric, inch, module and pitch screw thread, and work, and can perform drilling, etc, is a very strong commonality of horizontal lathe, widely applicable to various axial and plate parts batch processing, It is the ideal equipment for factory production, equipment maintenance and teaching experiment.

Bench lathe is a small lathe, can complete car, drilling, boring, che, inch thread processing, such as applicable to metal and non-metallic parts processing, instruments, light industrial machinery, motorcycles, auto parts and other industry and school teaching, car maintenance, home maintenance, scientific research units, such as the ideal equipment of single processing or batch production. CQ series of small lathes produced by our factory won the honorary title of "Shandong famous brand" in 2009.

Surface grinding machine is a small grinding machine with the periphery or end of the grinding wheel facing the horizontal plane and vertical plane of parts. Using tooling or forming grinding wheel, it can grind the inclined surface or forming surface. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, flexible and safe operation and convenient maintenance. Suitable for small enterprises, maintenance industry, home industry, laboratory, teaching demonstration, etc.